Hardware Storage Trolleys for Laptops & Tablets

SchoolCare is able to provide a variety of different portable hardware storage trolleys for laptops, Chromebooks, netbooks, tablets and e-readers.

These ICT storage solutions are a great way to keep your schools technology charged, synced, and secure. Storage and charging solutions for laptops and tablets are rapidly becoming the most popular choice for device management in education.

Most of the trolleys come with wheels for easy and flexible movement between classrooms and through corridors. These low-cost hardware storage trolleys are available with a short lead time.

Hardware Storage Trolleys Available in a Variety of Sizes

SchoolCare currently recommends the LapCabby product range, but we are also able to quote for other hardware storage trolleys.

Lapcabbys laptop storage trolleys are available in a variety of sizes including bays of 10, 15, 16, 20 and 32, most are also available in vertical and horizontal storage options and provide charging well as secure storage of your schools laptops.

The Tabcabby tablet storage trolley is available in bays of 16, 20 and 32 and there is also a DeskCabby available which stores up to 12 tablets. The DeskCabby is a static solution that is designed to sit on a flat surface like a teacher's desk.

Tablet storage trolleys include the charging functionality as standard, but LapCabby offer a charge and sync model which provides the ability to sync tablet devices as well as charging them within the trolleys secure storage chassis.

Laptop storage trolleys and tablet storage trolleys are also often available in several different colours to choose from allowing schools to match them with their branding and colour scheme.


Hardware Storage Trolleys That Save Energy

All of the LapCabby trolleys we provide include an energy saving power management timer. This timer offers a selection of up to 7 different programmable schedules allowing you to set up a unique schedule for each day of the week.

The power management system will also help protect the battery life of your devices plus the modern sequential switch system will stop circuit breakers from getting overloaded.


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