Home Learning Solutions

Safe Internet for Schools is a huge priority for any educational establishment. This is an undoubtable concern when considering internet access solutions. It is important that Schools teach E-Safety to make students and staff aware of the risks that come with using the internet and how to navigate it securely and safely. Internet content filtering […]

CCTV Support in Schools

CCTV is paramount to the safety, security and peace of mind within any school environment. CCTV proves affective when needing round the clock vision of areas within, or outside of your school, allowing schools to deliver effective safeguarding policies, as well as protecting high value assets, both inside and outside the premises. CCTV Support in […]

Home Learning Solutions

As a market leader in Educational ICT SchoolCare have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to offering “the next big thing”. The concept of home learning it nothing new, however it has typically been reserved for special cases. Over the last 3 years, the concept of flipped learning has been gathering traction. […]