ICT Suite Design and Installation Services

Showpiece ICT Suite Design Services For Your School

Preparation and planning is the key to the successful implementation of any size project for your school and this is never more crucial than when considering an investment in your school or colleges ICT infrastructure. A new ICT suite design for education can be a substantial investment and one that any school or college will want to ensure meets every target for quality, performance, future proofing, value and timescale.

SchoolCare has over 30 years’ experience in meticulous planning through every stage the project. From receiving your initial requirement, the measurements, the design, the plans, the drawings, the selection of material and equipment throughout the build and installation.

Making the best use of the space available is essential to ensure the best environment for teaching and so our benching and furniture solutions are always bespoke and designed specifically for your school or college’s ICT Suite requirements.

From initial contact SchoolCare will request a plan of the room and measurements in order to create a desktop survey based on the initial ICT suite design requirements. This is done to ensure feasibility of requirements – such as to fit 30 pupils in a room with a machine per pupil. The images below are a representation of three ICT suites completed in London. By using our desktop survey tool, revisions to ICT suite design can be made quickly and easily and clearly seen on a 3D representation.

Once proof of design concept is agreed with the school, a budgetary figure for the schools requirements is provided, and arrangements made for an on site ICT suite design survey.

ICT Suite Design and Installation Services
Versatile ICT Suite Island Desk
ICT Suite Design - 3D Room Plan
ICT Design - 3D Plan
ICT Suite Design and Install- 3D

SchoolCare are able to offer your school or college a COMPLETE ICT SUITE DESIGN & INSTALLATION SERVICE including:

  • Design, Specification and Installations
  • Bespoke benching and furniture solutions
  • Teacher Walls
  • Student and Teacher Chairs
  • Soft Seating
  • Hardware Storage
  • Tailored PC and Software systems
  • Data and Power installation by fully qualified engineers
  • Comms Cabinets, Switches and Patch Panel Installation
  • Servers, Backup Services and Power Supply Installation
  • Suspended Ceiling Installation
  • Painting and Decoration Services
  • Flooring Services
  • Air Conditioning Services
  • Blind Installation
  • Lighting Installation
  • Ongoing support, monitoring and maintenance services
ICT Suite Desk
ICT Suite Desk

ICT Suite Design and Installation


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