ICT Leasing For Schools and Colleges

ICT Leasing For Schools and Colleges

ICT leasing for schools is popular in the current economic climate due to stringent government cutbacks making school equipment funding harder than ever.

Despite budget cutbacks, IT equipment will still age and will still need upgrading to satisfy the demands of advancing technology.

SchoolCare can, through our specialist funding partners, assist schools in providing tailored ICT leasing for schools, colleges or universities.

ICT Leasing solutions for education can help spread budgets over a longer period and make important investments still possible.

Key Features of ICT Leasing for Schools

The key features of ICT leasing are as follows:

  • The agreement is fixed for its term  (usually three years)
  • No deposit is necessary
  • The first repayment is collected after the delivery of the equipment.
  • Payments are tailored to suit the schools budget - payable  termly, quarterly or annually.
  • Paperwork is simple and easy to understand
  • There are no hidden charges
  • LEA Compliant funding  - Operating Leases

Leasing can be used for:

  • ICT Equipment, software and installation service
  • Telephone systems
  • Furniture for Classrooms, theatres or sports halls
  • Whole IT Networks, computers and curriculum software
  • Classroom, office, library and dormitory furniture
  • Design and technology equipment
  • Long term projects such as fitting out new buildings

At the end of the operating lease, the school has the following options:

Return The Equipment - The leased equipment is collected by the finance company and any data cleansed to government standards, the school is provided with a WEEE certificate for a minimal cost.

Extend The Lease - The lease can be extended for a further period that is agreed with the finance company.

Retain The Equipment - At the end of the lease the fair market value for the leased equipment is used to calculate a fee for which the school can retain the equipment.

Payments are due in advance and are subject to credit acceptance. All rentals are subject to vat at the prevailing rate in force when due for payment. Payment rates will vary and will be confirmed upon acceptance.


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