Broadband 4 Education – Broadband Services for Schools

Broadband Internet Access is the single most important ICT resource in schools today, allowing students and staff access to a rich and diverse world of content. Unfortunately, not every corner of the internet is a safe and pleasant place to be, so Broadband Services for Schools has never been more important to make sure children remain safe online.

Threats to e-safety come from a wide number of places including radicalisation and grooming as well as traditional threats such as Cyber Security and Malware.

With over 35 year’s experience in the Education Sector and the backing of a sister company specialising in the building and deployment of large data and telecommunications networks. SchoolCare has launched Broadband4 ( and aims to offer unparalleled levels of service and features in the Broadband for Education market sector.

Providing an end to end service is very important as it means as a provider we take complete control over the service we provide to you as an end user. This includes the physical connection into your school premises as well as the content filtering and threat protection all provided as standard.

SchoolCare’s Broadband4 Service includes Lightspeed Web Filtering as standard for all our customers. Lightspeed Web Filtering is a market leading and industry recognised web filter platform allowing granular control over web sites down to an individual level. Students and staff are given access to sites according to their Active Directory Group membership, meaning that filtering rules can be tailored to the relevant age group.

SchoolCare’s Broadband for Education (Broadband4) service puts you in control of your school’s web filter, meaning that changes can be made quickly and easily by suitably authorised members of staff, or it can be managed by our experienced support staff.

A recent announcement by the UK Education Secretary suggests that all students should be actively monitored online, to prevent radicalisation. Broadband4 provides advanced levels of reporting as well as filtering ensuring that the actions of all students are monitored. Reports can be run in house (by suitably authorised staff) to return results matching specific criteria or using LightSpeed’s inbuilt “suspicious activity” report, these reports can even be scheduled to ensure you always have the relevant information to hand.
SchoolCare’s Broadband for Education product Broadband4 is available in speeds up to 10Gbps with our primary school packages offering speeds up to 74Mbps starting from £2600 per Annum.