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SchoolCare have long been at the forefront of technology in the classroom and classroom infection control is no exception. Whilst this may seem like a departure from the ICT solutions portfolio, SchoolCare have designed an add-on to our SchoolSafe platform, which provides a solution to classroom infection control. Using germicidal UV-C light our solution delivers […]

COVID19 (Corona Virus) - Update

In the light of this evening’s announcements, PSD Group will be invoking the next stage of our business continuity and service delivery plan. Whilst the Prime Minister’s definitions of what constitutes an acceptable reason to leave home (specifically in relation to the need to work), does leave some room for interpretation at this stage, until […]

COVID19 (Corona Virus) - Update

Providing our customers with dependable, high-quality services is of paramount importance to us. In light of the rapidly developing COVID-19 situation, we wanted to update you on the extensive preparations PSD Group has been undertaking to ensure our business, and the services we provide you with, remain resilient as the outbreak continues to escalate. Over […]

Microsoft Surface for EducationSchoolCare are pleased to announce that we are now able to provide Microsoft Surface for education. The Microsoft Surface offers the functionality and flexibility of a tablet device, with the benefit to  be able to connect to the school’s  network using existing credentials ( when using a Surface Pro) . This also makes […]

website revamped

As well as being fully booked for summer installations we also decided it would be a good opportunity to carry out a SchoolCare website revamp. The new site offers a light design with user friendly interface and simple navigation.  There will be ongoing development and regular posts  so make sure you re-visit us on a regular […]