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ICT Technical Support

ICT technical support for Schools, Colleges and training organisations.

14Jan 2020

Windows 7 not running as great as you’d hoped? Well that’s because you might want to consider a Windows 7 update. Windows 7 is now 3 updates old and is a predecessor to Windows 8, and 10. Windows 10 is an all-new 2019, updated version of the Microsoft programme that is fully supported by Windows. […]

07Mar 2018

It’s fair to say we live in a world where the competition regularly says they are number 1. But how does a company stand out from the rest? Making ICT Easier At SchoolCare we have always had the vision of ‘Making ICT Easier‘ for schools. SchoolCare was formed over 30 years ago and now provides […]

20Mar 2017

ICT support services are so important because there is no denying that ICT underpins every part of the modern curriculum. 10 years ago, ICT was purely a dedicated curriculum subject and was only used occasionally by other subjects as part of Teaching and Learning, with time being booked in the ICT suite as and when […]