ICT for Education

ICT Support in the Independent Schools Sector

As the use of technology in education continues to increase, schools are facing new challenges and opportunities. From online learning platforms to digital resources and interactive whiteboards, there are now a wide variety of tools and technologies that can enhance the teaching and learning experience for students and teachers alike. However, managing and maintaining these […]

Multi-Function Learning Space

As educational technology evolves, so too does the need for versatile learning spaces. The traditional classroom design has been replaced by flexible and dynamic learning spaces that can accommodate different styles of learning, technology integration, and collaborative group work. SchoolCare, a leading provider of technology solutions for educational institutions, can assist schools in the design […]

Intel vs AMD - Processors

In the world of computing, two companies have dominated the market for decades: Intel and AMD. Both of these companies offer a range of processors that vary in terms of price and performance, making it difficult to decide which one is better for a specific use case. In this blog post, we will discuss the […]

Why a Backup Internet Connection is important

In today’s digital age, the internet has become an essential tool for education. With the rise of remote learning and online classes, a reliable internet connection is crucial for students to access learning materials and participate in class. However, internet connectivity is not always stable, and schools can experience disruptions that can negatively impact students’ […]