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ICT Digital Signage

08Jan 2018
2018 New Year

With over 35 years’ experience SchoolCare have always been at the forefront of new technology for the education market. SchoolCare have had a fantastic 2017 introducing lots of new customers to our products and services. We have further increased our portfolio with our 360 Safety Solutions which comprises of 4 distinct principles: Principle 1 – […]

06Sep 2017
360 Degree Safety

In today’s modern social climate, Schools are having to take extra measures to prepare for an emergency. Schools all over the UK need to be prepared for a situation either inside or outside of the school, which potentially threatens the safety of staff or students. This sort of event can be something as simple as […]

04Jan 2017

Since internet for schools became mainstream in education, the supply of services was almost entirely in the domain of the Local Education Authority. Since the demise of the Harnessing Technology grant, schools are faced with the ever-increasing costs of internet connectivity with very few alternative options. A common obstacle which is put in front of […]

29Oct 2014

Welcome to the Learning Access Suite Multi-Sensory Special Education Needs Software Enhancement for Students with Learning Differences The Learning Access Suite is the development of seven products into one package designed to make reading, writing and studying so much easier. Available on a subscription basis, (priced per student per year), the suite offers new and […]

29Oct 2014

Ensuring your staff and students are safe from misuse of the internet and your network resources The internet and the resources on your school network provide powerful learning tools for education but, equally, they can also create a risk of harmful influences, cyber bullying or other threats. Network monitoring software for education provides an efficient […]

29Oct 2014

The ClickView Digital Media Software Solution Digital Video Storage ClickView is designed to assist learning in the classroom by providing a simple and complete digital media management software solution for watching digital video and other digital media within a school. By using ClickView, teachers and students are free to access all programmes and movies from […]