COVID19 (Corona Virus) - Update

In the light of this evening’s announcement by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, I am writing to you to confirm the stance of PSD Group and our continuing commitment to provide a high level of service to our customers in a safe an sustainable way. Our tried and tested business continuity strategy continues to be in […]

Hampshire Hosted Schools Service

Hampshire County Council recently announced it would be ending IT services which includes the Hampshire Hosted Schools Service. This means that all Hampshire Schools need to look at switching from HSS and find another IT solutions provider to assist with these key services that Hampshire will no longer be providing. The notification that Hampshire County […]

SchoolCare is a leading provider of AV equipment. This includes interactive whiteboards for education. We are strategically partnered with many of the leading interactive whiteboard manufacturers. These include SMART and Promethean. These manufacturers offer a wide range of interactive whiteboards for education. With many variations in size and features. Recently both SMART and Promethean withdrew […]