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Classroom participation is a large part of the teaching and learning experience and takes courage for the pupil to speak up and near psychic abilities of the teacher to know whom has understood the lesson. Promethean and SMART Technologies have each developed solutions to the subject of classroom participation through interactive voting response systems.

Promethean ActivEngage Interactive Voting Response System

Promethean ActivEngage is a software based interactive response system for education. ActivEngage is ideal to accompany mobile suites of laptops or netbooks and provides teachers with a means to quickly assess the success of a lesson.

With Promethean ActivInspire a teacher can display a question on an interactive whiteboard or verbally and students can respond using the ActivEngage virtual device on their computers.

Price: £POA

Promethean ActivEngage App Interactive Voting Response Systems

Promethean ActiVote Response System

  • Fun to hold shape and intuitive buttons
  • Makes class participation fast, fun and easy
  • Pupils can track their progress through instant feedback and tallied scores over time
  • Polling can be performed on the fly
  • ActiVote can download student results into spreadsheets for achievement records over time
  • Questions can be instantly answered by the whole class and results analysed on the interactive white board

Price: £POA

Promethean ActiVote

Promethean ActivEngage

  • Promethean ActivEngage is a software version of ActiVote learner response system
  • Enables any networked classroom computer to act and report like ActiVote response system
  • Creates a virtual interactive display on student computers allowing ad-hoc assessment or questions to be answered by the whole class
  • Allows teachers to maximise available technology and track individual pupil progress and analyse results over time

Price: £POA

Activ Engage

Promethean ActivExpression

  • Promethean ActivExpression enables students to respond in full sentences as well as with numbers, symbols, maths equations, true/false and more
  • Teachers can plan quizzes of varying difficulty
  • Enables pupils to respond at their own pace
  • Assignment timescales can be set by the teacher
  • Teachers customise the level of each question to target learner profiles and enable students to venture deeper into the curriculum
  • Wire-free radio connectivity means ActivExpression works anywhere in the classroom with no line-of-sight needed
  • Wonder Wheel interface floats over (and can be used with) most applications for full class participation and engagement throughout the entire lesson

Price: £POA

Promethean ActivExpression

Promethean ActivSlate Interactive Voting Response Systems

  • Enables freedom of movement with teaching from student desks, debating from the four corners of the room, directing the lesson from inside group discussions
  • ActivSlate makes dynamic, interactive classroom experiences by giving anyone who wishes to participate control of the ActivBoard from anywhere in the ActivClassroom
  • A wireless, fully integrated, notebook-sized tablet
  • ActivSlate uses the same ActivPens as ActivBoard, is small enough to sit on a student desk, and is light enough to be carried into the heart of any discussion
  • The ActivClassroom supports as many as 16 ActivSlates, but gives teachers the last word with regard to control
  • Only one ActivSlate can be used at a time—instructors choose who has the floor and who waits patiently for their turn by activating and deactivating slates at will

Price: £POA

Promethean ActivSlate

SMART Response (Formerly Senteo) 32 Clicker System

  • The SMART Response system provides a direct connection between teacher and pupil, allowing teachers to gauge the progress of pupils and to adapt the pace of lessons in real time
  • A highly intuitive system includes a remote for each pupil in the class and a USB receiver
  • Powerful software allows users to quiz, survey and assess
  • SMART Response integrates directly into SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, helping make lessons more engaging and easier to plan
  • The new updated assessment software in version 2.0 provides reporting capability and an improved user interface

Price: £POA

SMART Response Interactive Voting Response Systems

SchoolCare – one of the South of England’s leading providers of interactive voting response systems to schools and education establishments.

Areas covered include Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, London, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Suffolk, Surrey and West Sussex, East Sussex and Wiltshire.

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