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A cool and safe way to bring some life to your laptop and help protect it from scuffs, scratches and theft!

LapJacks and Anti-Theft Devices

Netbooks and laptops are an increasingly common sight in classrooms and represent a significant investment for any school or college, so protecting that investment is an important issue.

LapJacks™ are adhesive and made from high quality laminated vinyl and are designed to enable personalisation or branding of your laptop, whether using one of our hundreds of designs or an image of your own.

Standard Lapjack – Branding

A surface textured silk adhesion which is easy to remove cleanly and enables powerful branding and laptop protection.

With careful use, it will leave no residue when removed from the laptop and it offers a good degree of scratch resistance.

Selecta Lapjack – Prevention

The Selecta Lapjack is a surface textured silk adhesion for a permanent mark, Postcode or other unique code including the Selectamark Freephone number.

Security Lapjack – Protection

A semi-gloss Tamperproof adhesive cover that can have school branding, colours or images. The Security Lapjack is the hardest Lapjack to remove. It takes three days to cure from application and once cured, if removed it tends to come away in little bits.


LapJack security CoversLapJack security Covers

LapSafe® Premium Security Cable

The security solutions from LapSafe® Products represent unique solutions to the growing problem of laptop and IT equipment security, providing protection and peace of mind.


LapSafe Security Cables

Anti-theft Alarm

  • Key Operated
  • 110dB Power Supply
  • Interrupt and motion sensor alarm


Unicol anti-theft lock

Projector Guard box Protection and Anti-Theft Enclosure

  • Inside Dimensions: 36cm (w) x 54cm (d) x 18cm (h)
  • Constructed from heavy gauge steel and incorporating many innovative features
  • Each Guard box incorporates our unique twin bar system, designed to fit into a number of slots for different projector lens positions
  • Each bar has another bar fitted inside making it virtually impossible to hacksaw through


Projector Guard box

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