Meru Wireless Networking for Network Managers

Meru Wireless Networking for Network Managers

The Meru wireless network offers advanced and consistent coverage campus-wide through virtualisation technology, giving each device its own virtual port equivalent to a wired connection. This means that Meru wireless networks can:

Connect anywhere

A school wireless LAN gives the freedom to connect anytime, anywhere and with Meru wireless networking, finding a strong enough signal is not a problem.

Run every application

Whatever the application you wish to download – from a PowerPoint presentation to video, or even making calls from a VoIP telephone, Meru wireless networking provides sufficient bandwidth and ensured mobility.

Use any device

Meru wireless networking does not require a specialised software client, with any 802.11 client easily recognised.

The Meru Virtualised wireless LAN solves the difficult problem of complex application mixes found in educational network environments. With high power, FR efficient access points are much better suited to handling the physical environments of schools, colleges and universities. This makes Meru wireless networking easy to deploy, easy to manage and easy to scale. Meru wireless networking gives you:


Meru abstracts RF complexities; this simplifies both deployment and management. Virtual Cell technology creates a smooth and seamless RF coverage from adjacent access points, preserving RF spectrum for future expansion as the school or college network grows. Adding coverage or increasing capacity is as simple as adding a light bulb. Install the access point and the network does the rest. Simple and transparent, with no interruptions to your network or users.


Each device is managed through its own private Virtual Port, a network link that is equivalent to an Ethernet port but wireless. The properties of each Virtual Port are adjustable on demand, enabling network managers control over each user’s bandwidth, quality-of-service and application availability.


The wireless network itself is application-aware, automatically detecting different traffic types through both deep packet inspection and flow signatures that can recognise even with encrypted traffic. Network managers can reduce, monitor or block specific applications such as Skype or peer-to-peer file sharing.

Saved Money

Meru’s high reliability and capacity mean that wireless can fully replace wired Ethernet and thus avoid more costly cable runs in classrooms and other buildings. With a Meru wireless virtualised LAN you will require about 30% fewer access points, with comparable savings in supporting infrastructure.

Improves User Satisfaction

The pervasive wireless enabled by Meru makes staff more productive and students less likely to call for technical support. Wireless LAN Virtualization ensures that connections are not dropped as devices move, which means a more reliable network with no noticeable interruptions even with voice calls. Together, these mean happier users and fewer technical support calls.

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