The NetCare Solutions Suite is network management software for schools and developed in-house by SchoolCare. Leveraging on new advances in Windows Group Policy, NetCare Solutions Suite consists of highly a customised Active Directory infrastructure complimented by an “education centric” suite of ICT education management tools.

NetCare uses a desktop interface with a Windows explorer style view of all users and systems on the network, enabling a ‘at a glance’ monitoring and fast identification. The system is designed to provide network managers the ability to administer their system without having to get into the depths of Microsoft Windows Server 20012 Operating System and provide the tools for windows user management.

NetCare Solutions Suite has been designed to run on the Microsoft Server 2012 operating system, providing a firm foundation on which to build an educational network.

Netcare Solution Suite

*Under development

A suite of core tools is provided to automate tasks such as creating bulk user accounts, by exporting data from your student management system with consistent policies defining names, year groups and auto generation of passwords. Tried and tested security settings and policies are deployed and defined for you with full flexibility to refine as required.

NetCare Core Tools – The NetCare Network manager allows easy access to Active Directory, easily controlling Pupil and Staff access to network resources as well as remotely administering and monitoring network devices.

NetCare Print Management – Due for final release Q3 2010 NetCare Print Management will allow easy administration and monitoring of network printers, as well as integrating with market leading print quota solutions such as Paper Cut.

NetCare Infrastructure Management – Due for final release Q4 2010, NetCare Infrastructure management allows easy access to all ICT education network devices such as switches and routers. Acting as a central management console for any Web Managed Hardware, NetCare Infrastructure Management is an integral part of the NetCare Solutions Suite.


Network Management Software for Education NetCare Network Management Software

Why Network Management Software for Education?

Network managers can use NetCare Solutions Suite to monitor their system through blocking of internet access to specific users, changing or deleting of passwords and see who is logged on where at any particular time.
Remote network management is made easy and enables administrators to remotely control, monitor, modify and configure Windows based workstations from their desk. NetCare also allows proper management of energy with the ability to wake up or shut down workstations remotely.

The NetCare Solutions Suite is specialist network management software for schools, uniquely for use in an ICT educational environment and designed with all the features to help to make your system reliable and confidence inspiring for teachers and pupils alike.

NetCare Solutions Suite – network management software for schools – exclusive to SchoolCare ICT Education.


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