The Phonak Dynamic SoundField system is designed to improve student performance by helping them hear their teacher’s voice more easily than ever.

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Phonak Dynamic SoundField System The Phonak Dynamic SoundField brings a new era in classroom amplification and industry-leading sound performance with fully automated settings. The system can be simply plugged in, switched on and start teaching!

For the best possible learning experience children must be able to hear their teacher’s voice clearly in class but normal classroom environments mean that this is not always the case.

Factors such as classroom noise, the distance between teacher and students and challenging classroom acoustics can make understanding the teacher more difficult than it could be.

For teachers, noisy classrooms means raising the voice, which in turn often leads to vocal hoarseness, pain and in the case of temporary voice loss, time off work.

These reasons are why SoundField technology was born. The Phonak Dynamic SoundField system is designed to clearly amplify the teacher’s voice and, in doing so, help all students to hear and understand the lesson more easily.

This in turn leads to improved student performance.

Phonak Dynamic SoundField system benefits:

  • Helps Children’s listening and learning skills improve
  • Reduces the need for teachers to repeat instructions
  • Amplification aids class instruction and management
  • Less vocal strain for teachers
Phonak Dynamic SoundField System

Phonak Dynamic SoundField product benefits:

  • Installation-free for flexibility and easy deployment
  • Integrated 12-loudspeaker system
  • Offers high directionality and creates far less problematic reverberation
  • Fully automated settings for ease-of-use
  • Exclusive built-in compatibility for children using FM hearing instruments *
  • Automatic hopping frequencies eliminates interference issues
  • Audio line-in for connection to a PC or interactive whiteboard
Phonak Dynamic SoundField System

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