Working with IT Professionals tends to generate a lot of industry “jargon” and often unnecessary complexity. SchoolCare have pioneered a plain English approach to ICT Solutions, meaning you’re always fully across your project, no matter what the size. Clear and concise proposals, coupled with plain English updates, means you can be sure you are getting what you expect.

SchoolCare believe that customers should never be made to feel out of their depth with ANY ICT Project. Many ICT companies “blind customers with science” but this is where SchoolCare are different. Years of industry relevant experience has allowed us to work closely with customers and understand their requirements from their point of view, allowing us to tailor a proposal exactly to the needs of the school. Whilst doing this ensuring you have complete understanding of what we are proposing for your school.

Our aim at SchoolCare:

  • We will always make sure that our customers fully understand the product or solution before they make any decisions with a potential ICT project.
  • We will ensure that our customers know that they can ask for a rundown of all the implications of the ICT project, ensuring the decision makers are considering the right solution with the school’s best interest at heart.
  • We will happily explain the service or solution to other people involved in the decision making. We don’t want our customers being worried about asking a question.

Whilst having similar needs, every school is still unique and all have varying expectations and requirements so every ICT project within a school is different. Therefore, at SchoolCare we will spend the time going through the quotation in detail to ensure that the school has the very best product or solution and are making the most of their school budget.

SchoolCare’s personal approach to ICT, means you can be confident that your account manager is always on hand to answer questions or deal with any issues which may arise during the project.

Contact SchoolCare today to see how we can help with an ICT investment in your school.