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3D is big news at the moment with most of the latest blockbusters from the likes of Steven Spielberg, and James Cameron embracing the technology to bring their creations to a new depth of reality. For 3D for education, Texas Instruments and NEC have created a genuine high quality viewing experience that is simple to […]

Reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting your ICT equipment Let us show you how to reduce and offset your carbon emissions ethically and credibly At SchoolCare we pride ourselves in the championing of ecologically sound ICT solutions that not only reduce the energy requirements by carbon offsetting within educational organisations, but also improve the working […]

As well as being fully booked for summer installations we also decided it would be a good opportunity to carry out a SchoolCare website revamp. The new site offers a light design with user friendly interface and simple navigation.  There will be ongoing development and regular posts  so make sure you re-visit us on a regular […]