Classroom Management Software for Education

Imagine having up to an extra 14 minutes teaching time in each lesson!


Smart Sync Classroom Management Software

Classroom Management SoftwareSmart Sync classroom management software connects a teacher’s computer with every computer in a networked classroom and offers a variety of easy to use features that enable you to keep your school or college’s students focused on learning and redirect their attention if they go off track. You can communicate, monitor or collaborate with students individually or as a group without leaving your own desk so everyone gets the most out of class time.

Studies have shown that Smart Sync from Smart Technologies can help reclaim up to 14 minutes of teaching time per lesson that the software is used.

Imagine being able to setup all class laptops with the correct document or web page for a lesson AT ONCE, or being able to blank laptop screens to stop your student’s attention from wandering!

Cut down on lesson preparation: there is no need to photocopy worksheets; you can simply share the file with the entire class and collect it back in at the end of the lesson.

Collect and Distribute Homework; you will know instantly who hasn’t submitted anything without having to look through a pile of papers. Instead the files are saved in a date stamped file within your documents, making file management easy.

Key Features of Smart Sync Classroom Management Software

  • Real-time thumbnails images showing each pupils screen activity
  • Remote access to pupils workstation
  • Easy distribution and remote launching of web pages, applications or files
  • Automated date, time and name stamping on returned files
  • Blocking web pages or applications to retain focus
  • Capture or highlight pupils screens to interactive whiteboard
  • Survey pupils with automatic response tally
  • Create and monitor chat sessions
  • Turn off all computers at the push of a button

Classroom Management Software Classroom Management Software

AB Tutor Control ® Classroom Management Software

AB Tutor Control is PC remote classroom management software that has been designed for teachers who need to interact effortlessly with their students on an individual, group or full classroom basis using a very simple and intuitive user interface.

This remote control software enables teachers (or network administrators) to control a number of student workstations in a computer training room – or remote location – from one central workstation. Classroom groups and policies as well as Internet and application restrictions can be created by teacher or network managers to maintain security on large networks. This means AB Tutor classroom management software becomes a major component in maintaining e-safety in the classroom.

Key Features of AB Tutor Classroom Management Software:

  • Broadcast tutor screen to students
  • Show thumbnail of tutor screen to students
  • Record tutor screen for lesson playback
  • Show a student’s screen to others
  • Annotate live demo


  • Simultaneous watch by multiple teachers
  • Tabbed watch window – sizeable to client thumbnails
  • Create different thumbnail tab view for each group
  • Monitor and log student activity
  • Take snapshots of student screens
  • Record & playback student screen activity

Remote Control

  • Take over remote mouse control and keyboard
  • Share control with student
  • Launch and closedown applications remotely
  • Lock remote screen, keyboard and mouse

Classroom Management

  • Power up, logon and shutdown remote machines
  • Schedule remote shutdowns
  • Create classroom groups of users and computers
  • Block access to printers, USB drives, CD’s and soundcard

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