Easi Speak Microphone

Easi Speak microphone

The Easi-Speak MP3 recorder/player can record voices, sounds or music. Made to look like a microphone it enables pupils to become a reporter or singing star, without requiring a PC. Providing innovation for early years learning these devices are very popular in many primary schools.

  • Playback directly on the device or download audio recording to a PC via a USB lead
  • Built in memory of 128MB for high quality sound recording time of up to 4 hours.
  • Uses common audio formats such as WAV and MP3.
  • Includes audio editing software by Audacity
  • Cordless microphone with simple battery charging via USB.
Easi Speak microphone

Available in black or yellow.

Winner of a Gold Practical Pre-School Award 2009.

Top Usage Ideas:

There are many great uses for the fantastic product, below we have compiled just a few ideas to help you:

  • Role play and capture audio in the process
  • Go outdoors on investigative adventures
  • Create your very own podcast
  • Perfect to assist children with EAL needs
  • Give those quiet children a voice by recording in private where there is less pressure and then playback to the group.
  • Can be used for oral assessment

Easy Speak Microphone Pricing

Easi Speak microphone

Delivery £6.50 + VAT (UK Mainland only)

If you are interested in ordering Easi Speak Microphones for your school then please contact us. Schools can simply provide an official purchase order and pay by invoice with a 30 days credit facility.

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