SchoolCare is a leading UK provider of Audio Visual equipment to schools, colleges and academies. This includes interactive displays, related IT and ICT equipment, and ICT support for schools.

We are strategically partnered with many of the leading interactive display manufacturers. These manufacturers offer a wide range of interactive whiteboards for education, with many variations in size and features.

Many schools have been using interactive displays in their classrooms for some time, whereas colleges and universities have been slower to adopt the technology. But for those schools, colleges and universities that are not already using this technology then an interactive display for education is an instructional tool. This allows computer images to be displayed onto a board using a projector. A teacher can then interact with content displayed on the board by using their finger or a pen tool. Items displayed on the interactive board can be dragged, clicked and copied. The teacher can hand write notes, which can be quickly and easily turned into text and saved. These software applications are a powerful tool in the classroom bringing interactivity and collaborative learning into lessons. Used effectively, interactive whiteboards create a range of learning opportunities.

There are several key benefits to installing interactive displays into a school and these include:

  • Interactive displays do not have any bulbs or filters which need to be replaced on a regular basis, therefore, reducing schools ongoing costs.
  • Calibration of an interactive display is automatic, they work on a plug and play basis therefore gone are the days where teachers need to regularly recalibrate their interactive whiteboards, saving teachers valuable time.
  • Most interactive displays are manufactured with HD screens, therefore allowing teachers to show media content in HD picture quality.
  • Most interactive displays use LED screen technology which have no moving parts and, therefore, offer an extended expected life, LED technology is also much more energy efficient (can be as much as half the energy usage) then a projector and therefore will result in your school reducing electricity usage and costs.

SchoolCare offers a fully managed supply and installation service with free, comprehensive onsite site surveys (subject to quantities and distance from our offices in Ringwood, Hampshire).
If you are considering replacing your interactive whiteboards and projectors with interactive displays and would like to see a demonstration of either an interactive display for schools then please contact us.