Ensuring your staff and students are safe from misuse of the internet and your network resources

The internet and the resources on your school network provide powerful learning tools for education but, equally, they can also create a risk of harmful influences, cyber bullying or other threats. Network monitoring software for education provides an efficient means of protecting staff and students from inappropriate computer use, whether it may done unwittingly, naively or maliciously.

Using network monitoring software for education can help ensure that your computer resources are used positively, protecting everyone from threats and maintaining the happiness of your school or college.

Network Monitoring Software – Simple Software to Detect and Protect

With the implementation of internet monitoring software you can enforce an Acceptable Use Policy for all computers on your network and develop automatic protection. This will demonstrate to everyone at your school or college, parents and education authorities, that you take your responsibilities seriously and have an active system to project your community.

Network Monitoring Software – Features:

  • Bullying and threatening behaviour whether perpetrated by students or staff
  • Abusive comments or offensive attitudes
  • Inadvertent exposure to inappropriate web sites (pornography, violence, suicide)
  • Deliberate access to inappropriate web sites
  • Online gambling and shopping
  • Un-moderated discussion forums and chat rooms

How Network Monitoring Works

The settings for network monitoring software is entirely configurable for your school meaning that you can select which group or users you want to monitor, at what times of the day and how the system should respond to violations.

The system will monitor automatically all screen content and keyboard activity with eight customisable libraries to detect violations such as pornography, profanity, violence, racism and drugs. As well as automatic libraries, a self-definable library will allow user-specific words and phrases to be added.

When the system detects a violation, or an attempt to access a forbidden file or URL, the screen is automatically captured and maintained within a secure database. This provides the administrator of your network with a comprehensive audit log.

Network Monitoring Software – Working Online or Offline

Because network monitoring software captures screen violations it can monitor all incoming and outgoing activity – whatever application is used.

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