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Reduce your carbon footprint and make a huge budget saving with server virtualisation for education

What is Server Virtualisation for Education?

Server virtualisation is the term applied to the separation of hardware resources into a logical break down rather than a physical Server Virtualisation for Educationbreakdown and, therefore, creating the appearance of separate server entities within one actual server.
This is not dissimilar to the partition of hard drives where a computer is tricked into thinking that one hard disk is more than one and so hardware resources become ‘pooled’. Server virtualisation for education can offer a dramatic improvement in hardware efficiency and reduce under an utilised internal resources environment.

Server virtualisation in education can have a number of advantages in that it can allow easier management of multiple server resources, less server hardware is required reducing capital expenditure and energy costs, expansion of further server resources is easier and less expensive and it is possible to run multiple operating systems on one server device.

The key advantages of Server Virtualisation for Education include:

  • Significant savings possible through less need for hardware, maintenance, storage space and energy
  • Multiple operating systems including Windows or Linux can be run on a single machine
  • Both Mac and PC environments can be created to run on one machine
  • Improved continuity of disaster recovery
  • Improved desktop management and control
  • Reduced costs for additional servers

Does My School Need to Consider Virtualisation?

In larger educational environments the requirements for server capacity by be varied and significant with need for a Secondary Domain Controller, ISA Server, Student Data Management server, print server, and so on.

All this equipment requires buying, installing, storage space, cooling, hardware maintenance or replacement and not to mention a considerable amount of energy to run.

In such circumstances to deploy one powerful server segmented into a number of ‘virtual’ servers has the obvious advantages of reducing such overheads and future expansion is much more economical and time efficient to do.

SchoolCare are specialists in server virtualisation for education and can offer a complete, end to end service for the design, supply, installation and support of your solution.

Please contact us for more information about how server virtualisation could benefit your school or college.

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