Windows 7 not running as great as you’d hoped?

Well that’s because you might want to consider a Windows 7 update. Windows 7 is now 3 updates old and is a predecessor to Windows 8, and 10. Windows 10 is an all-new 2019, updated version of the Microsoft programme that is fully supported by Windows.

Windows 7 was released from the Microsoft family in 2009, and so it’s now over 10 years old, therefore is outdated and isn’t as efficient or reliable as it once was. The Microsoft team now offer no support for Windows 7, meaning data, information and files are all at risk. This is extremely concerning within an education environment. This could lead to major issues within schools should anything go wrong with Windows 7. Windows 7 simply no longer provides the high level of programming that Windows 8, or in particularly 10 now has to offer.

It’s time to seriously consider a Windows 7 update in order to protect your data, school documents and classroom computers.

At SchoolCare we always advise moving with the most recent update for your own personal and school protection, the ease of use and the ability to offer full support. Windows 10 is therefore the programme we offer licences for and encourage schools to update to.

Windows 10 supports biometric identification, eradicating the pain of forgetting passwords and proving to be extremely useful within educational environments. Individuals personal data is safer due to passwords, protection against ransomware, something extremely beneficial within schools and keeping your data safe. As well as benefiting from an all- round safer way to surf by offering the Windows 10 Application Guard which allows you to not compromise on your PC’s security. In a school environment, it’s extremely easy for pupils to accidentally click on things that they shouldn’t or accidentally open links that aren’t safe. It’s simple to download and doesn’t take as long as you might think.

At SchoolCare, we offer full installation of Windows 10 as well as plans to ensure round the year care and yearly visits to be certain that you’re getting the most from your computer programmes. We’ll be sure to make your Window’s 7 update quick and faultless to ensure your school isn’t interrupted.

We understand that changing an entire school’s computers to a Windows 7 update may be daunting. SchoolCare engineers work efficiently and along with your School IT team.