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School Hall AV systems comprise of both sound and visual components that offer a variety of different features that can be imperative to a bustling and lively school Hall. School Halls are used for everything from indoor PE lessons, to Christmas carol concerts and here at SchoolCare, our aim is to make each and every […]

Windows 7 not running as great as you’d hoped? Well that’s because you might want to consider a Windows 7 update. Windows 7 is now 3 updates old and is a predecessor to Windows 8, and 10. Windows 10 is an all-new 2019, updated version of the Microsoft programme that is fully supported by Windows. […]

Management Information Systems (MIS) are the key to running the modern educational establishment. Platforms such as SIMS from Capita are long standing solutions which have been employed in schools throughout the UK for many years. School MIS Systems are typically provided by the Local Education Authority and solutions such as SIMS have offered schools a […]

In previous years communication around the school during the school day has been performed using an age old method of school bell based signalling and very little has changed. From hand rung school bells in the playground, signalling the end of break to the old timed school bells which rang throughout the school to signal […]

Knowing who is onsite both in terms of staff, students and visitors has never been more important, not only in the event of an evacuation, but making sure that visitors are supposed to be there and that they have left the building. The modern social climate reinforces the need for effective visitor management and school […]