CCTV is paramount to the safety, security and peace of mind within any school environment. CCTV proves affective when needing round the clock vision of areas within, or outside of your school, allowing schools to deliver effective safeguarding policies, as well as protecting high value assets, both inside and outside the premises.

CCTV Support in Schools is even more essential to the maintenance, effectiveness and reliability of your system. SchoolCare offer a full range of CCTV services, from design and implementation, to onsite support and check-ups, we offer a range of different CCTV Support solutions and maintenance packages. From Infra-red cameras which are capable of recording even the darkest of areas, to real-time digital video storage that has the ability to contain a minimum of 30 days storage, there’s a CCTV solution to suit every need.

SchoolCare carry out a full survey and inspection of your school or college and advise you on the number of cameras to fully secure your premises. Once our team of installation engineers have completed the installation, we then offer full training on how the system operates, how to survey a combination of one, two or all of the cameras simultaneously and how to play back incidents.

CCTV Support in Schools is essential to ensuring your school is protected. With Tailor-made solutions for each school, CCTV can have many benefits, including staff and pupil protection as well as encouraging a fall in anti-social behaviour due to recording play back evidence. Having 365 days a year support from SchoolCare ensures that your system is always one to be relied on. We appreciate that the introduction of surveillance equipment of any kind, within an establishment with children is a sensitive subject, SchoolCare will endeavour to create long lasting benefits of introducing one of our systems within your School.

CCTV support in Schools is understandably, extremely important to the day to day running and safety assurance of your School and our professional engineers will aim to always work discreetly and efficiently so that your establishment is never compromised.

From brand new, pioneering technology, to more basic, simple to use equipment, CCTV support services in Schools are always provided with your schools’ best interests and safety in mind.