SchoolCare have long been at the forefront of technology in the classroom and classroom infection control is no exception. Whilst this may seem like a departure from the ICT solutions portfolio, SchoolCare have designed an add-on to our SchoolSafe platform, which provides a solution to classroom infection control.

Using germicidal UV-C light our solution delivers the appropriate dose of UV-C energy to all classroom surfaces to eradicate 99.9% of bacterial and viruses (including covid-19), in as little as 15 minutes.

The use of UV-C light for disinfection is not uncommon, but what is, is a sophisticated control and management solution meaning that the disinfection can be centrally managed and run out of hours (eg at 2am), when no one is present.

Coupled with a sophisticated scheduling system, our classroom infection control solution interfaces with our SchoolSafe PA platform to announce when disinfection is due to take place and can also providing a visual alert before the disinfection routine begins.

Our UV-C classroom infection control solution can be integrated standalone, or as part of an LED lighting upgrade, with light fixtures containing both stylish LED Visible light luminaries and UV-C tubes. Each set of lamps is individually controlled to ensure that the UV-C elements of the classroom infection control solution cannot be triggered inadvertently.

Our ceiling mounted classroom infection control solution will disinfect an area of 25m2, with additional coverage being provided, simply by installing more fixtures. SchoolCare offer a complete solution, from design, implementation and validation.

Working with market leading European manufacturers and Phillips tubes, you can be sure of a robust and reliable solution. Much evaluation has been done of LED based UV-C solutions vs glass UV-C lamps and glass lamps are still the most reliable way to deliver the appropriate level of UV-C energy to disrupt the DNA and RNA of Viruses and bacteria.