As a market leader in Educational ICT SchoolCare have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to offering “the next big thing”.

The concept of home learning it nothing new, however it has typically been reserved for special cases. Over the last 3 years, the concept of flipped learning has been gathering traction. In a flipped learning environment (or flipped classroom), students participate in online lectures and online discussion from home. In class learning is then focused more around activities based on the subject matter which has previously been viewed or interacted with.

Put simply the classroom becomes a more learner focused environment, engaging pupils in activities as part of their class time and encouraging online learning at home.

Flipped learning relies heavily on curated online content and activities which are presented to students in an engaging way, followed by interactive learning and assessment tools for the classroom. By shifting the traditional teacher led classroom environment to an online model like this, the true potential of home learning is realized.

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented time for the world, meaning that schools have really had to step up to make sure that content is being made available to students.

Technology underpins complete home learning solutions and with most students having access to technology at home, this is not always the case. In more deprived areas of the country, some students do not have access to a laptop or PC or a suitable internet connection. Whilst much home learning content can be consumed on a mobile device (such as a smart phone), having access to a laptop or desktop PC, is required to fully embrace home learning.

As market leaders SchoolCare are able to deliver solutions covering every piece of the home learning puzzle. From laptops (both new and refurbished) to managed 4G connectivity solutions which can be centrally managed by the school, to ensure that every pupil has access to the internet. Packages are available providing 12 months service as well as a 4G WiFi router as well as web content filtering for devices.

The whole home learning solution is centrally managed, allowing Network Managers full visibility of user activity as well as administrative control over the router’s 4G SIM Card, to prevent unauthorized use.

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