IT Services for Hampshire Schools

Hampshire County Council announced on the 27th January that starting from March 2020, they’ll be withdrawing their IT Services for Hampshire Schools. SchoolCare are ready to help with any IT service needs your school may now be facing and invites you to contact us at anytime to help with your queries.

These essential IT services for Hampshire Schools include:

  • Anti-Virus (End of support date: 31st March 2020)
  • Office 365 (Ending July 2021) and Microsoft Licensing (Ending 31st October 2020)
  • Backup Disaster recovery (Ending July 2021)
  • Break/fix support (Ending July 2021)
  • Remote access servers (Ending July 2020)
  • Access to hardware and software purchasing service facilitated by account managers (Ending July 2021), including IT Consultancy and installation Services.

SchoolCare recognises that whilst this may be an anxious decision, it is a crucially important time for schools to start looking at migrating to a new provider. Ensuring that your school maintains adequate support and maintenance as well as access to crucial services such as Secure Remote Access and e-Security.

SchoolCare will meet your needs with every aspect of IT service for Hampshire Schools and will consistently be reliable to ease the burden of transitioning any or all of your current IT Services.

Now is an ideal time to conduct a no obligation overview of your current IT Services Provision. SchoolCare’s Network Development Plan service will review your current systems and services and offer an unbiased roadmap for the provision of IT Services in your school.

SchoolCare can offer all these services, as well as technical and phone support services across the UK. IT Services for Hampshire Schools are vital to the smooth running of everyday life and therefore SchoolCare wants to make this process as convenient and efficient as we possibly can.

Please feel free to browse our website for our range of Technical, computing and help desk services we have on offer, or use our LiveChat feature for real time, quick responses to any of your questions.