Microsoft Office 365, for schools, is an absolute necessity for any educational environment. It ensures that you constantly have the most recent tools Microsoft have to offer. Unlike Office Online and Office 2019, Office 365 benefits from extra storage and all new cloud features to enable the viewing of documents in real-time, as well as the ability to easily upgrade as soon as a new major release is out.

The Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for schools gives the ability for it to be used on any device, anywhere at any time. It also includes ‘built in’ updates, as it updates automatically, continuously checking for new features and giving you access to them from the moment they’re released, meaning less school time wasted on updating your computers, and more time to be learning on them.

Microsoft Office 365 offers rock solid security, all-inclusively built-in to manage malware, phishing and spam that may occur. Certified to meet industry -standard certifications, Microsoft data centres ensure that your data is consistently safeguarded, resulting in secure protection of all personal pupil files that may be stored in your School.

Microsoft Office 365 for Education is not just about Office Applications, it also includes very powerful tools such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Flow and Microsoft One Drive, to name but a few. All of these applications allow schools to build highly scalable hybrid cloud environments to empower flexible teaching and learning.

From presentations to writing lesson plans, Microsoft Office 365 for schools will bring endless possibilities to the classroom. At SchoolCare, we can sort out your monthly, yearly or 3 yearly subscription and licensing agreements for you so that you can enjoy using office 365 whilst we take care of all the boring licensing and uploading jargon of your Microsoft Office 365 for Schools.

We’ll talk you through costs, agreements and setup, whether that be remotely or on site, we aim to make your migration to Microsoft Office 365 for schools as easy, quick and reliable as possible. Office 365 for Schools is delivered as part of a schools OVS-ES Agreement, meaning it is simply licensed per FTE (Full Time Equivalent) staff member and covers the whole site.

Microsoft Office 365 for Schools gives you the ability to create custom solutions across a range of departments, making it the most diverse, user accessible and custom Office software to date.