NIC EIC Approved ContractorSchoolCare being part of the PSD Group, are in turn part of a hugely diverse education focused business. Since the incorporation in 1983 Professional Software Design (PSD) have been at the forefront of evolving and modern technology working with customers all over the UK to design and deliver solutions to meet changing needs.

Wherever possible PSD Group like to utilise in house resource to deliver solutions to maintain quality and ensure projects complete on time and on budget.

Evolving technology solutions have moved more and more focus towards ICT companies meaning that SchoolCare has grown and adapted to accommodate these new technologies and as a result have been pursuit of relevant qualifications and accreditations to ensure we can deliver everything our customers need.

In order to complete every part of an electrical installation outside of a residential setting, a business should be accredited by an appropriate trade body. NICEIC are on of the UKs most recognised electrical accreditation schemes and ensure that contractors are competent and capable and crucially assessed on a regular basis.

Coupled with the TrustMark™ you can be sure that SchoolCare are fully qualified to design and install electrical deployments, as well as testing and certification to satisfy compliance within the school.

PSD Group engineers have undergone a rigorous assessment process, which has included both practical and theory based assessments. The NICEIC have evaluated every relevant part of our business, including internal processes, which are also governed by our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management processes.

SchoolCare, as part of the PSD Group are available not only to undertake electrical installation, certification and testing works as part of projects, but as required by our customers, so if you have any electrical requirements, please either email our sales team on or call us on 0333 240 2626 and we will be very happy to help.