In the light of this evening’s announcements, PSD Group will be invoking the next stage of our business continuity and service delivery plan.

Whilst the Prime Minister’s definitions of what constitutes an acceptable reason to leave home (specifically in relation to the need to work), does leave some room for interpretation at this stage, until further notice all contract visits will be undertaken remotely, focusing on important preventative maintenance first and foremost. Onsite visits will only be enacted where:

  1. They are to respond to, or avert an emergency or service affecting issue.
  2. There is no significant risk to the engineer(s) due to attend.

There will no doubt be some clarification over the next 24-48 hours as to these restrictions and the above may well change. Further information or changes will advised in due course. However our stance is to strike a balance between staff safety, customer needs and social responsibility.

The engineering team will be on standby and will be making contact at the scheduled time to undertake maintenance. Any specific changes will be communicated directly with customers.

Please be assured we are fully on hand to assist with any issues which may arise in these troubled times. Our network will be fully monitored and maintained throughout – you can view our status page at any time:

PSD Group are offering a number of services and products to assist should they be required:

1 Year FREE Access to NetCare Cloud – a fully optimized cloud focused learning and collaboration environment based on Office 365 and Sharepoint. Please contact your account manager should you require any more information regarding this amazing offer.

Telephony Solutions – State of the art VoIP solutions to assist schools needing to work remotely.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our teams should you need any more information or assistance with anything mentioned above.