Providing our customers with dependable, high-quality services is of paramount importance to us. In light of the rapidly developing COVID-19 situation, we wanted to update you on the extensive preparations PSD Group has been undertaking to ensure our business, and the services we provide you with, remain resilient as the outbreak continues to escalate.

Over the past weeks PSD Group has further developed and tested business continuity and remote working plans, to ensure we can continue to deliver support for our customers.

We have worked with all of our suppliers to ensure that support and supply lines remain open and that they too have robust and reliable business continuity processes to allow us to be able to deliver our services.

As part of the initial phase of our plans, technical teams will base themselves at homes. Customer sites will continue to be visited as normal, provided that they are open and it in keeping with government advice, and changes will be advised accordingly. We will endeavour to maintain the same level of engagement with you throughout this period. Any further updates will be posted on our status page.

All engineers working on site are doing so under specific guidelines in place to protect them and the customers we serve. This includes following hygiene guidelines.

We all recognise that this situation continues to evolve at pace, and we will keep you updated if we expect any material changes or impact to the services we provide you. We appreciate your patience during this time. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

This is a pivotal time for the UK and the world as a whole, but we are convinced that by working together as an industry, we will play our part in helping to weather the storm and in the recovery of our economy and society once it has passed.