Safe Internet for SchoolsSafe Internet for Schools is a huge priority for any educational establishment. This is an undoubtable concern when considering internet access solutions. It is important that Schools teach E-Safety to make students and staff aware of the risks that come with using the internet and how to navigate it securely and safely.

Internet content filtering is one way to ensure your establishment is kept as safe as possible. By blocking access to inappropriate, unsecure and sites that may require lots of personal information, can allow your staff and students to freely roam the internet, knowing that they’re not putting themselves at risk.

Web Content Filtering in School can often become problematic when being used by older year groups and staff, by causing over blocking. Often these older years and staff members require access to sites that might be blocked by content filtering.

SchoolCare offers Safe Internet for Schools by allowing your school to have complete granular control, eradicating the annoyance of having one central policy and meaning that the filtering requirements can be adapted right down to individual users. This means filtering can vary on content for each user within the school. i.e.- Younger years may have a larger and more strict blocked content, whilst older years would have less and Teachers perhaps have no appropriate content blocked to ensure they can reach all the information they require.

SchoolCare’s Internet content filtering solution allows staff to adjust filtering rules themselves and ensure the correct content is always available. This means that ultimately, less class time is lost from over blocked content which repeatedly happens with other filtering solutions. This provides flexible Safe Internet for Schools.

SchoolCare offers Safe internet for schools nationally, using our privately owned network. SchoolCare aims to make all schools secure and ultimately, be putting themselves at less risk whilst using internet solutions. This is why we offer an on-premise solution, so that you can maintain your existing broadband, which is useful if you’re tied to a long-term contract but need filtering solutions rapidly.

By not having the appropriate internet filtering solutions and by not expressing the importance of E-Safety, you are putting your school at risk. This means Students and staff put themselves in danger of clicking on inappropriate sites, following unsecure links and using their personal information online. This can result in a range of unwanted outcomes such as cyber-attacks, cloning and anti-social behaviour.

Keeping safe online is imperative to being able to fully utilise internet solutions and have enjoyment when working online. Safe Internet for Schools is even more so important due to the need of students and staff being able search online risk-free. Combine our Safe Internet for Schools with our ESET Endpoint Antivirus to create a highly effective security solution to protect your computers and students.