Teacher WallAs class sizes increase and the amount of available space in schools remains constant, making efficient use of classroom space is hugely important.

Teacher walls are a fantastic way of making efficient use of classroom space, both in ICT Suites and teaching classrooms. They are modular, encompassing Teacher Desks, Interactive Displays, Dry Wipe Boards, lockable storage and tray storage. Each Teacher Wall is custom designed to meet the needs of a specific school and can be built to order quickly and professionally installed onsite.

SchoolCare offer a complete 3D Design Service, allowing them to be viewed virtually “in situ”, for schools to visualise the new room layout.

Teacher Walls provide an innovative storage solution and practical focal point for your classroom. They make the focus of your room the Teacher’s interactive display and are a great inclusion in designs due to making them more realistic and easier to imagine.

Teacher WallTeacher Walls look modern and will instantly update your School’s IT suite or classroom and give a practical and clean solution to school storage. Having all storage facilities along one wall, limits the need for other furniture and storage facilities around the room, altogether making your IT room have clean and ‘less is more’ finish.

All SchoolCare’s Teacher Walls are built in the UK from high quality materials and designed from the ground up to meet customers needs. The teacher walls are installed by our professional teams, a service which includes the de-install and re-install of any existing Interactive Displays, as well as the supply and install of new hardware as the school requires. Our NIC/EIC approved electricians and data cablers will also provide a full range of services to the Teacher Wall or optimise the installation.

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