Fever Screening

The New Normal – Fever Screening for Schools

As we all wait to hear when we will be allowed out of quarantine and with what caveats, one thing is for certain (at least for the short to medium term) is that there will be a “new normal”.

This new normal will apply to all facets of everyday life, with education being no exception. As business and educational establishments alike try to prepare for life after lockdown, technology will have a very important part to play in keeping everyone safe, using tools such as Fever Screening.

SchoolCare have been at the forefront of technology since it’s incorporation in 1983 and has been designing and installing safety solutions for the education market for the last 10 years. Working with industry leaders HikVision, SchoolCare have earned the coveted position of HikVision Value Added Service Partner (VASP) and as such have complete access to HikVision’s full portfolio of products.

HikVision have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to camera technology and have been evolving the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their CCTV products.

The most recent addition to the HikVision stable is Fever Screening, which is accurate t+/- 0.5 Degrees (+/- 0.3 Degrees with pro calibration), and when deployed alongside Deep In Mind™ NVRs this solution is able to measure the temperature of anyone entering your school.

As well as Fever Screening for Schools, Deep In Mind ™ NVRs also add additional features such as Face Mask Detection, as well as proactive reporting tools to help you ensure the safety of your school and everyone in it.

A typical fever screening solution a school, is installed at the main entrance (typically internally in the reception foyer) and will automatically record the temperature of everyone in its field of vision (typically from 1.5-3m).

Advanced AI means that the camera can distinguish between people and other objects (e.g someone arriving carrying a cup of coffee) as well as supporting multiple groups of people.

The HikVision Fever Screening solution is completely automated and contact free, allowing schools to continue doing their job, without interrupting daily workflow, whilst keeping sites as safe as possible, by alerting reception staff to individuals displaying a fever.

Establishments all over the UK are currently deploying Fever and Temperature Screening solutions to protect people and SchoolCare are actively working with Local Education Authorities to design solutions for all schools in a local area and organize installation as part of a phased return to “normal” life.

SchoolCare offer a complete solution for Fever Screening, including survey and planning, as well as professional installation and support. For further information please contact our sales team on sales@schoolcare.co.uk or 0333 240 2626 and we will be happy to help.