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Through our established relationship with HP we can offer pre built ProLiant servers to meet your network requirements. HP ProLiant Base Chassis – Pedestal An HP Pedestal server is an ideal base chassis for any schools or colleges to build your ideal server from. All servers are built to specification with recommended components such as […]

Reduce your carbon footprint and make a huge budget saving with server virtualisation for education What is Server Virtualisation for Education? Server virtualisation is the term applied to the separation of hardware resources into a logical break down rather than a physical breakdown and, therefore, creating the appearance of separate server entities within one actual […]

SchoolCare was formed over 25 years ago with the express aim of providing an informed and personal service to every customer no matter whether their requirements were large or small. That ethos has continued through the years and enabled SchoolCare to build one of the South’s leading ICT service providers to educational establishments. Read our […]

HP Printers offer a robust and reliable printing solution for any size of school. From a standalone inkjet printer for an office or large ‘workhorse’ LaserJet, you can be assured that there will be a printer that fits your school’s needs. Please find below a selection of specifications for a range of popular printers for […]

SchoolCare are specialists for installation of projectors for schools including audio visual solutions for assembly halls and lecture halls. SchoolCare’s engineers have wide experience and expertise in the installation of projectors for schools and, therefore, used to the particular requirements of educational environments. See below a small sample of our range of projectors for schools […]

The Phonak Dynamic SoundField system is designed to improve student performance by helping them hear their teacher’s voice more easily than ever. For more information on the Phonak Dynamic SoundField technology for education, contact SchoolCare! The Phonak Dynamic SoundField brings a new era in classroom amplification and industry-leading sound performance with fully automated settings. The […]