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Ensuring your staff and students are safe from misuse of the internet and your network resources The internet and the resources on your school network provide powerful learning tools for education but, equally, they can also create a risk of harmful influences, cyber bullying or other threats. Network monitoring software for education provides an efficient […]

The NetCare Solutions Suite is network management software for schools and developed in-house by SchoolCare. Leveraging on new advances in Windows Group Policy, NetCare Solutions Suite consists of highly a customised Active Directory infrastructure complimented by an “education centric” suite of ICT education management tools. NetCare uses a desktop interface with a Windows explorer style […]

High Specification netbooks for education at affordable prices! If you are considering a wireless computing solution for your school or college then you have many options available to you from 8.9” netbooks right up to full size 17” laptops. There are now an excellent range of netbooks for schools; please see below a small sample […]

Building wireless networks for education that supports 21st Century learning initiatives is a challenging task Meru Wireless Networks for Education No longer is it sufficient to simply provide teachers and students with email and internet access, today a wireless solution for education also needs the capacity to support bandwidth-hungry multimedia content together with a fast, […]

Multifunction Printing Solutions for Education Whether you are looking to reduce costs, improve efficiency or move to a paper-less admin office, we can offer professional, experienced advice on multifunction printing solutions from Canon, HP, Kyocera, eCopy and INVU.     Canon Multifunction Devices SchoolCare works in association with one of only 8 National Canon Elite […]

Meru Wireless Networking for Network Managers The Meru wireless network offers advanced and consistent coverage campus-wide through virtualisation technology, giving each device its own virtual port equivalent to a wired connection. This means that Meru wireless networks can: Connect anywhere A school wireless LAN gives the freedom to connect anytime, anywhere and with Meru wireless […]