Fever Screening

HikVision are a market leader in innovative CCTV products, integrating advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver more that just a simple camera solution and have been working with SchoolCare as a long standing and well respected education focused technology company.

Fever Screening Solutions for schools are an important tool in the toolbox, to help keep sites as safe as possible. SchoolCare’s Fever Screening solutions for Schools are based around HikVision’s range of Bi-Spectrum cameras, which incorporate a high resolution CCTV camera solution and a high performance thermal imaging solution.

HikVision Cameras which are deployed as part of a Fever Screening for Schools and are able to provide:

  • Quick 1 Second Scanning for all people in a field of vision up to 9m from the camera
  • Accuracy of +/- 0.5 Degrees Celcius
  • A complete zero contact solution
  • Advanced AI to ignore objects such as hot coffee cups carried by individuals
  • Identify individual temperatures of people in group
  • Live Alerts for appropriate people if the presence of a fever is detected.

SchoolCare will work with customers to design an optimal Fever Screening solution for their school.

If you already have an existing HikVision CCTV solution, the Fever Screening solution can be integrated in most cases, as well as working alongside access control and alerting solutions, to be fully effective.

SchoolCare’s Fever Screening solution includes a wide range of camera options to suit differing deployment scenarios allowing detection from 0.8m to 9m as well as Handheld units for specific deployments.

As a HikVision Value Added Solutions Provider, SchoolCare are the right choice for designing and implementing solutions to keep your school safe and help us get used to the “new normal” and get back to work. Solutions are designed and implemented by our experienced teams.

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